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Weed Farmer Overgrown 0.9a (Android) APK

Written By Andrew F Lester on Thursday, August 16, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Weed Farmer Overgrown 0.9a (v0.9a) (Android) APK

Overview: Grow Weed on Android! Weed Farmer Overgrown the NextGen Marijuana Growing Game

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: August 15, 2012

Content Rating: High Maturity

Price: $5.95

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***** The Open Beta Phase of Weed Farmer Overgrown has Started!

Are you ready for the next generation of online marijuana growing? Than get prepared for an all new cannabis farming experience! Brought to you by the creators of the top selling hit Weed Farmer.

PLEASE NOTE: As was done during the launch of Weed Farmer Classic, Weed Farmer Overgrown is first being released as an open beta. By offering a public beta this allows for finding bugs & exploits, testing of new game features and the collection of large amounts of data for making Overgrown the best game it can be at the time official launch. During open beta expect many software bugs, changes to how items, skills, plants and areas function in addition to possible, if necessary, progress & cash resets and/or rollbacks over the course of the open beta period. If you are looking for a stable and fully completed online marijuana growing game than, at this time, the first game in the series, Weed Farmer Classic is the game for you.

Weed Farmer Overgrown takes Virtual Marijuana Farming to a whole new level! Enjoy fresh challenges and advanced online features while benefiting from new real-time player interaction abilities.

WFOG is a LARGE GAME, and requires an external download file and over 170 MB on your SD Card.


* Grow dozens of real life marijuana strains in both indoor and outdoor environments. Each strain has a unique look, grows twice as fast as in the first game and have different visuals for the flowers and buds by variety.

* Loot system provides varied rewards and chances for uncommon, rare and ultra rare item drops including clones, growing equipment, seeds, crafting components, farm gear and much more.

* Upgrade your grow location from a small starting closet to a massive warehouse. But don’t stop there, Weed Farmer Overgrown allows you to continue expanding to the great outdoors to a maximum of 65 plots allowing you to grow up to 260 marijuana plants of different types at the same time!

* Enjoy advanced player to player interaction with secure item trading and public auction house listings for a true MMORPG experience.

* Weed Farmer Overgrown is hosted on dedicated servers owned and maintained directly by the developers.

* Hundreds of items can be acquired, consumed, grown, traded, sold and crafted. New items are added on a regular basis during special events & frequent content updates.

* Crafting systems allow for creating various styles of hash, THC edibles, plant growing equipment and farming supplies. Three different crafting skills are available each with their own level progress.

* Due to the size and large number of plants able to be grown at one time, mass automation is available which allow for batch fertilization, watering, spraying, planting and other grouped interaction with your crops.

* Travel and Smoke-out Adventure Areas provide visiting to real world locations and smoking sessions. Randomized trivia questions related to marijuana are given with various rewards provided for correct answers.

* Clones now have the rare chance to drop when harvesting a plant.

* High Resolution graphics for tablets and other HD screens take full ability of even the newest and most advanced android devices.

For more information about Weed Farmer Overgrown check out the official website of Weed Farmer


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What’s in Weed Farmer Overgrown version 0.9a :

First Release – Open Beta v0.9a

Please be kind and leave us crash reports when this app crashes. We have no illusions; with the number of devices and operating system versions out there, we will have crashes. Reporting them helps us fix them quickly. There will be frequent updates of this app, potentially even multiple times in a single day, during the first couple of weeks. If you prefer a more stable Open Beta experience, please wait a week or two more. If you want a head-start, jump in!

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